Claudio Malacarne

Venezia Canal Grande
60 x 50 cm
Oil On Canvas - $3,570

Born in Mantua 1956, Claudio knew from an early age that he was destined to be a painter and he was already producing sought after works by the age of fourteen.

Shortly after he started his career he joined the teaching school of Maestro Longfils, studying with him methodically and maturing his artistic talent. Coupled with a great deal of research, this has made him one of the most prolific painters of our time.

Among the most successful exhibits of his paintings around the world number shows at the: Al Palazzo Ducale di Mantova; Istituto Grafico Italiano, Milan; Galleria Miniaci, Capri; Art Expo of New York; Art Show di Seoul; Helga Winher Wuppertal, Germany; Orion Press Licensing, Tokyo; and Schaf Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio.


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