Massimo Lomi

Qui Abita Un Bambino
80 x 57 cm
Oil On Wood - $3,480

Born in 1953 in leghorn, Tuscany, where he still lives, Massimo is the grandson of Giovanni Lomi, the famous painter of post-macchiaiolo, and also a well-known opera singer.

From the time Massimo was a young boy he followed in his grandfather's footsteps- painting outdoors and emphasizing "the real life".

In 1972 he held his first personal exhibit in Milan and his works have come to be appreciated for their originality and perfect execution.  During his frequent travels around Europe he acquired the ability to represent different themes other than from his own region. Visiting other countries has helped him artistically mature with a combination of new experiences along with his incredible gift of observation.  During these years Lomi was able to find a new artistic concept that he was able to reproduce in his artwork and transmit to others.

His works are featured in many prestigious public and private collections, both in Italy and abroad, with critics and art lovers alike closely following his creativity and success.


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