Jose' C. Ledda

Terrazza Persano
60 x 50 cm
Oil On Canvas - $14,750

Born in Malagueno, Cordova, Argentina, Ledda completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cordova, where he also taught for a short period of time. Due to an abundance of requests for his paintings, he then decided to dedicate himself to painting and scenic design.

His works are full of heavy, round figures, with sharp colors but bright and airy at the same time.

The figures of his paintings fill every architectural backgroud.  They are big women, large and proud, without arrogance and are happy with themselves. The men in the paintings, however, appear to be very shy and although large, they are not obese. They seem to be used in the paintings to only create equilibrium to the composition.

Ledda began exhibiting in 1965 in the Gallery of Modern Art in Cordova.  Since then, he has presented his paintings in more than 50 personal exhibits, both private and public, in Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, Canada and Italy.  He has also been invited by cultural institutes around the world to show his masterpieces in many public galleries.


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