· Where does the Wilshire Mint artwork originate?

o All of the artwork in the Wilshire Mint Gallery comes from our associate gallery in Florence, Italy. 

· Are all of the pieces of art original?

o With the exception of only a few pieces which are noted, all of the artwork on display are originals.

· How are the artists selected?

o Our associate gallery selects only the most current and sought after artists in Italy. These artists regularly have their art displayed in galleries across the globe.

· What is the potential investment value of buying art?

o History has shown that buying original pieces of art has a greater probability of increasing in value over the years. Unlike the stock market the price of high quality art pieces is not affected by market fluctuations or a recession.

· What method of payment can I use to buy a piece of art from The Wilshire Mint?

o Artwork can be purchased through our website accepted credit cards (listed at checkout). A maximum of $4500 can be charged on your credit card by completing the checkout section of the shopping cart. Any amount over this must be paid by personal check, cashiers check or money order (see next question).

· How can I pay the remainder of or my whole invoice by personal or cashiers check?

o If your invoice is over $4500 and you would like to pay the remaining amount by personal or cashiers check, first be sure to complete the credit card portion of the purchase in the checkout section of the shopping cart. Your card will not be charged until you have sent us an e-mail at [email protected] (see customer support link) with details of your order, your name, phone number, chosen method of additional payment and the amount. We will then contact you to confirm these details. No shipment of artwork will take place until this additional payment has cleared.

If you are paying your whole invoice by a check of any sort, the same conditions apply although you will not have to complete the checkout section of the website. Just make sure that you send full details of the artwork you wish to purchase. E-mail these details to [email protected]

· Do I have to pay any shipping or sales tax fees?

o We provide FREE shipping on all items. A sales tax of 8¼ % will only be applied to California residents.

· How will the art be shipped?

o All artwork is shipped direct from our associate gallery in Florence, Italy. Each item is carefully packed and insured for shipping. Shipments are tracked by The Wilshire mint and you will be provided with the shipping information once the item has been shipped.

· Is the artwork certified?

o All of our original pieces of art are approved for export by The Institute of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and each piece is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity by our associate gallery in Florence, Italy.

· Is the artwork guaranteed?

o Each piece of art will arrive as described in our website. If the packaging of your artwork is damaged in transit by the carrier you should refuse the package and notify us immediately via our customer support link [email protected] . Once the shipment has been accepted you must contact us within 14 days to notify us of any issues that you may have by using the same customer support link [email protected]  

· How can I be kept informed of any new artists or new additions in 
The Wilshire Mint Gallery?

o Please complete our registration form by clicking on the following link [email protected] . We will email you regular updates on new artists and artwork as well as any special offers that we may have for our registered customers.

· Are discounts given for any volume purchases?

o While our artwork is already great value for money we will consider pricing discounts for large orders. Please email us by using the following link [email protected]  .


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