Beniamino Ciccotelli

Cesto Con Frutta
80 x 60 cm
Oil On Canvas - $4,295

Born in Tollo, Abruzzo in 1937, Ciccotelli now lives and works in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany. 

A self-taught painter, Ciccotelli went through many directions in his painting experience before finding his own personal style. For Ciccotelli, the paintings are just pretext, leading to reality. Everything else is false. As an example, when he paints a still life of fruit, above all he invariably tries to represent the reality of that object.   All his paintings appear to require incorporation in a wider frame.  His style demands patience and time and he purposefully dislikes those that find gratification in using a quick and speedy style of painting.  For Beniamino Ciccotelli, light is the essence, that same essence you find in Caravaggio, Vermeer, Rembrant, and the contemporary of today, Ventrone.Ciccotelli's paintings can be found in important public and private collections in Italy and abroad.


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